Sick-care Doctors or Well-care Doctors

12/25/2012 15:01


Who would you like to partner with for your health—a sick-care doctor or a well-care doctor? 

A sick-care doctor acts like God (or perhaps just a dictator) and expects you to be subservient to him and obey his every command. 

A well-care doctor acts like a teacher and counselor, treats you as a partner and expects you to carefully weigh their counsel and make your own choices regarding your health.   

A sick-care doctor’s primary concern is to treat your symptoms, once you are sick, with a drug—it takes only seconds to write a prescription—and then move on to the next sick person. 

A well-care doctor’s primary concern is to keep you healthy so you won’t get sick.  And if you do get sick he will search for the root cause and treat that so you won’t get sick again.

A sick-care doctor will spend an average of seven minutes—that’s right just 7 minutes—with you before moving on to their next patient.

A well-care doctor will spend an average of 20 - 30 minutes with you.

A sick-care doctor accepts insurance and Medicare (this is called third-party) payments for your care.  In doing so the sick-care doctor is told how he will be allowed to practice medicine by some faceless bureaucrat. 

A well-care doctor accepts payments directly from you and does not accept insurance or Medicare payments.  By doing so the well-care doctor is free to practice medicine as he sees fit and puts your health first, not last, as the third-party insurance bureaucrats do.

A sick-care doctor is usually stressed out and over worked after seeing 40 or more patients a day.

A well-care doctor sees 15 or less patients a day and has time to take care of his own health.

A sick-care doctor is frequently over weight and unhealthy and his advice will typically be

do as I say, not as I do”.

A well-care doctor is typically at his ideal weight, very healthy and is an example to his patients—“do as I do”. 

A sick-care doctor builds databases.

A well-care doctor builds relationships.

You have a choice: 

Go mainstream and put yourself under the care of a sick-care doctor or

Go anti-mainstream and work together with a well-care doctor to optimize your health.

The choice is yours, make it wisely--your life depends on it.