never go mainstream. it's a dreadful place.

02/01/2013 12:20

I chose the above cartoon to be on the front of my new clinic’s business card for a specific reason.  To be clearer I would add the word “medicine” after mainstream.  Why do I advocate to never go with mainstream medicine?  Because it truly is a dreadful place.

Mainstream medicine is nothing more than sick-care medicine.  Sick-care medicine has no interest in keeping you well, vibrant and healthy.  No, sick-care medicine is only interested in providing you drugs or surgery after you get sick.  And they do this through your very own sick-care doctor (see my recent blog on sick-care doctors and well-care doctors).

 Wouldn’t it make more sense for the medical system to provide ways to assist you to be optimally well and healthy so you don’t get sick in the first place?  That is precisely what well-care medicine does.

 But don’t expect your sick-care health insurance—including medicare—to pay for anything related to wellcare.  That is not what they are in business for.  They happily take your money month after month after month without giving you back any for your wellcare.  Then when you do get sick they fight you tooth and nail to pay for even a portion of your sick-care bill.

So where does that leave you if you really are genuinely interested in being not just healthy and well but optimally well regardless of your age?  Well, one option would be to take the money you pay the sick-care insurance companies each month and put it into a health savings account instead.  This money could then be used to pay for your wellcare because you still have control over how it is to be used.  An affordable major medical insurance plan with a high deductible would cover your sick-care costs if you ever need to go to one of our sick-care hospitals. 

You have a choice.  Continue to go with mainstream sick-care medicine and stay in that dreadful place or chose to go with well-care medicine and take back control of your health and wellbeing.