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Is Bottled Water Chemically Castraing Our Young Men?

10/05/2016 12:50
Is Bottled Water Chemically Castrating Our Young Men? David Walters, DO, PhD, MBA Reality 10-20 years ago: The average 20-30 year-old male testosterone levels  were at their peak (800-1200 ng/ml) and then slowly decreased at a rate of about 1% per year.1,2 Reality today:  The average...

iconmed Gold Referral Program

10/05/2014 14:18
My dear patients, It is a wonderful privilege to provide medical services to you.  When I began offering alternative medical services to patients in 2006 my goal was to provide help where none was being offered by mainstream medicine.  I have done this by providing services such as IV...

Men don't have vaginae, but they do have bones

02/19/2013 14:06
      Why do almost all doctors—especially mainstream docs—think that osteoporosis is exclusively a women’s disease?  How many men have ever been advised by their doctors that they should have...

never go mainstream. it's a dreadful place.

02/01/2013 12:20
I chose the above cartoon to be on the front of my new clinic’s business card for a specific reason.  To be clearer I would add the word “medicine” after mainstream.  Why do I advocate to never go with mainstream medicine?  Because it truly is a dreadful place. Mainstream medicine...

Sick-care Doctors or Well-care Doctors

12/25/2012 15:01
  Who would you like to partner with for your health—a sick-care doctor or a well-care doctor?  A sick-care doctor acts like God (or perhaps just a dictator) and expects you to be subservient to him and obey his every command.  A well-care doctor acts like a teacher and...

"Evil" Armour thyroid

12/09/2012 12:01
  I have taken Armour thyroid for 20 years and I am still alive and kicking.  A patient of mine recently shared with me an experience she had with her primary doctor—she has since fired him—and her request to change from synthetic Synthroid to the natural Armour thyroid...

David Walters, DO, PhD, MBA

12/08/2012 16:13
Who am I? My name is David Walters. I am the creator of iconmed. I am a medical doctor (DO). I am a reproductive endocrinologist (PhD). I am a busniessman (MBA). I am an iconoclast. I am the father of 10 beautiful children (my greatest creations).        

Write to us with your feedback

11/30/2012 22:31
Would you like to ask us questions about the services we have available? Please contact us. We appreciate your feedback as it helps us to continue to serve you to the best of our ability.

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